What To Wear For Your Massage?

When it is your first massage (or your 50th) at my Plano massage office, you might be nervous and wonder what to wear. I wanted to take a few moments to explain.

Massage on forearm

Many clients find it beneficial to wear clothing that is easy to change into and out of. For example, many of my clients wear athletic wear, such as a t-shirt and gym shorts, to their sessions. But you can wear whatever you want. Just know there is limited time available to get undressed and dressed, so the less fussy, the better, if that makes sense. I do have a small mirror in my room to help you get put back together.

As for when you are on the table, you will be under the sheet the entire time except when I am working on a particular body part. For example, if I need to work on your arm, I will pull it out from under the sheet, work on it, and then put it back under the sheet.

What About Ungarments?

Some clients want to know what undergarments to leave on. That is totally up to you. I will say that bras are hard to work around because I use a lot of long strokes down the back (which feel really good, by the way). A bra interrupts that long stroke. But if you prefer to wear a bra, go right ahead. I will still give you a great massage and can manage.

As for underwear, do what you want. Doesn’t matter to me. I don’t even notice or care. You’ll be under the sheet the whole time, except for having an arm or leg out or a bare back, so just undress to your level of comfort. The most important thing is that you are comfortable and feel safe at all times.

I hope this clears up your questions about what to wear for your massage! If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at Dawn@RichardsonMassageTherapy.com.

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