Massage For Women

massage for women

Can Only Women Come In For Massage?

You may be wondering why I offer massage for women as a specialty. It isn’t that I don’t take male clients. I sometimes do, but it is always by referral from an established client. Maybe it is obvious why I do this, but in case it isn’t, it is a safety issue. I actually like working with male clients. From a marketing standpoint, it isn’t great, of course. If I accepted every male client that called, I would have no room for anyone else.

About Me

Anyway, I am a woman and I am the only massage therapist at my business, Richardson Massage Therapy. There is a particular style of massage that I find the most helpful for me and that is relaxing Swedish massage. When I decided to go to massage school, I chose a school that specialized in the type of massage that I enjoy. (I graduated from Kekino Massage Academy and Clinic in Plano, TX.)

Massage For Women and Safety

I feel safe in my office and that transfers to clients feeling safe in my office. Even though it seems to go without saying, in my opinion, safety should be your number one concern when you get a massage. When you choose a massage place off the internet, you just never really know what you are going to get. It could be one of those shady massage places. You won’t find out until you show up.

When looking for a place that claims they cater to massage for women, be sure to find out more about the massage therapists there. Are they female? Are they licensed by the state? Will you get the same therapist each time?

Want To Schedule?

If you live in the Plano, Texas area and are female, I hope you’ll try out my massage. I do relaxing Swedish massage mostly but if you’re having pain, I can do some trigger point release or some Fascial Distortion Model techniques to help. To schedule, please text my business number at 972.813.9083. Established clients can book here.