More Comfortable Face Cradle

I’m trying something new in the office. First off, maybe you didn’t know this, but a face cradle is the thing you put your face in during a massage. It has 2 parts – the cushion and the frame. I didn’t even know a more comfortable face cradle existed, but I started shopping and I found a new one on Amazon. The old one was wearing out and since I found something really different, I decided to go ahead and try it out. Like most specialty items, it wasn’t cheap. But I hope you all will enjoy it!

Here are some pictures:

Cushion on more comfortable face cradle.
Frame of more comfortable face cradle.

What makes this one a more comfortable face cradle?

What makes this one different than most people’s (and my old one) is:

  • The cushion is made of memory foam and gel. It is really squishy.
  • The frame helps distribute the load better on your face, making it more comfortable. Most models have just a flat deck and not all these tab-like supports.
  • The manufacturer claims it eases the pressure on your sinus cavities.

I just installed it yesterday and my clients are already reporting that it is very comfortable. I believe there will be less creasing on the face, too, as I’m observing at the end of the sessions.

The main caveat when using a face cradle is to not ever push down on it. The weight limit is about the weight of a human head, so pushing on it could break it. When you get up, please don’t ever push on it. Instead, push up from my (very sturdy) table. Thank you!

Want to try out my more comfortable face cradle? Best way to schedule is to text 972.813.9083. Please note that I take male clients by referral from existing clients. Or if you are a current client you can click here and schedule yourself. Thanks for reading!