Last Minute Appointment

last minute appointment

Maybe you’re wondering how you can get a last minute appointment at Richardson Massage Therapy. Read now to find out.

A Little Secret

I want to share a little secret. These scheduling apps allow a TON of flexibility and mine is no exception. One of the options, for example, is that I require new clients to contact me to schedule an appointment. On the one hand, this reduces the number of new clients I get. I know it does. But the advantages outweigh that for me. First, I won’t get some random guy on my schedule that I don’t know. Second – and this is a new one – there is a website, which shall remain nameless, that books clients on a massage therapist’s schedule, takes a cut, and then claims to pay the massage therapist directly, even if the massage therapist has no affiliation with this company at all. It is ridiculous and they have been the subject of a class action lawsuit. But, I digress….

Setting That Affects Last Minute Appointment

Another setting is for how much notice it gives me when someone schedules. I like to have about 6 hours’ notice. The reason is because I don’t take walk-ins, so there is no reason for me to sit up at my office if I have no appointments. So if nobody is booked, I plan my day. I don’t want to be really far away and have someone book in a couple hours.

All this being said, there are definitely times when I get a cancellation or when I have a giant hole in my schedule and I’d actually like for someone to book. I put out notices on facebook and in my newsletter, but often, these don’t get filled. Very frustrating.

The Solution

But there is a solution. If you are finding you’d really like a same day massage, all you have to do is text me at 972.813.9083. Monday and Tuesday are my days off so I don’t come in those days, but you never know on the other days if I have something open. And I don’t mind at all if you ask. So, please just text me and I’ll let you know if I have anything open.

I hope that helps! If you’d like a massage, you can always text my business number at 972.813.9083. Or if you are an established client, you can book online here.