Essential Oils

Why I don't use essential oils in my massage office

Here is a not so popular thing to say: I don’t use essential oils in my office. There, I said it. But I will say that the jury is still out on this one. Let me explain.

Why No Essential Oils?

I have chosen from the start of my practice to not use essential oils in my office. The main reason is that my specialty is treating women with anxiety and/or depression. In other words, many of the women I treat are very sensitive. I, too, am sensitive. Strong scents drive me a little crazy, if I’m being honest. I can usually taste a strong scent. And it isn’t pleasant for me. So having essential oils in my office means I am tasting the scent all day.

Scents Linger

Another reason I don’t love essential oil in my office is that it is difficult to get a scent out of a space once it is there. For example, it is hard to get out of the air, out of the furniture, and out of the sheets and blankets. At times, it takes quite a few washings to get the scent completely out. I do enough laundry as it is and don’t want to add to it if I can help it.

Scientific Evidence

There isn’t a ton of evidence out there for the benefits of essential oils. Here is a Science Vs podcast episode about the topic, if you’re curious. That isn’t to say essential oils don’t do what devotees purport they do. They very well might; the scientific evidence just doesn’t exist at this time, best I can tell. And also, I do not discount the placebo effect. If I think something works and it is safe, I see no issue in using it. So my issue with essential oils isn’t whether they work or not.

My issue is that I don’t want to smell and breathe the stuff and not give my next client a choice in the matter. Because it will be in the room for the next client.

I hope I haven’t hurt any feelings here. Just want to be up front about it. I know some people have asked about it and I wanted to explain why I don’t use them. Hope this helps!

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