Chances are that you don’t give much thought to the most basic thing we do – breathing. I had not given it a ton of thought, myself. As you know, I listen to podcasts and read quite a bit. I found one that was quite intriguing about breathing.

Podcast and Book About Breathing

I first heard about this book on the KERA program, Fresh Air, where Terry Gross interviewed the author.  Here is the link to that interview. It was fascinating. Then I read his book. It is called “Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art”, by James Nestor.

In summary, the author, James Nestor, talked about the nose. For example, why do we humans have crooked teeth? Also, he discusses how breathing exercises can be beneficial. Additionally, I learned a lot as it pertained to my own health – things I had never thought much about, like why you should always breathe through the nose and what happens when you don’t. Also, I learned how each nostril triggers different physiological responses during inhale. Totally nerdy, I know, but I found the information very useful. In summary, the book was informative and entertaining.

As you know, many of my clients have anxiety. This book even addresses ways breathing can help decrease anxiety. Really good stuff. If you read it or listen to the podcast, I’d love to know what you thought of it.

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