Can Swedish Massage Help Pain?

can swedish massage help pain

When I say I do relaxing Swedish massage, you may wonder. Can Swedish massage help with pain?

I see clients for different reasons. Some are super busy and want to take care of themselves by benefiting from the relaxation a Swedish massage can provide. Some work out and have muscle soreness. Swedish massage can be very beneficial for that, too. But almost everyone has some sort of pain.

Many of my clients sit at a desk all day and have upper back, neck, and/or shoulder issues. The body wasn’t made to sit hunched over at a desk, that’s for sure. I always spend extra time on these areas because I’ve yet to meet someone who didn’t have tension there.

Most of my clients come in once a month, kind of like a body tune up. Many of them come in for 90 minute sessions because they feel it helps and lasts a while. Others come in every 2-3 weeks to “head off” the pain. These clients have experimented with more time in between massages, but find their interval to be just right for them.

My clients tell me how much my massage helps with their pain. Some state it is one of the only things that actually does help. I love that!

So, the answer to my initial question: can “Swedish massage help pain?” is a resounding YES! Hope to see you soon.

Whether you want to relax or you have pain (or both!). I’d love to help. If you’re in the Plano, Texas area and female, please call to schedule as a new client – 972.813.9083. I accept male client by referral from established clients. Established clients can book here or call. Thanks for reading!