Chronic Pain

Woman in chronic pain

If you have chronic pain, you might like to listen to a podcast I found recently….

Do You Love Podcasts?

Are you a podcast fan? I sure am. In fact, I even created and produced twenty some podcast episodes a few years back; it was a blog for professional photographers. Super fun, by the way. 

One thing I love about podcasts is they are engaging and don’t require me to sit still and watch something. For example, I love to crochet, cook, or drive while listening to podcasts. Today, I even painted a room while listening to a podcast on the speaker.

Podcast Episode About Chronic Pain

You can find podcasts about a myriad of subjects. One favorite of mine is called Science Vs and is a highly researched podcast about different science topics. Check it out here.

Another podcast I recently found is called Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown. (If that name sounds familiar, she was in the TV show, The Big Bang Theory.)

Anyway, in this episode, she interviewed the author of this book, called The Way Out: A Revolutionary, Scientifically Proven Approach to Healing Chronic Pain, by Alan Gordon. His approach has to do with rewiring brain signals to treat chronic pain.

As you know, there can be many different causes of chronic pain, such as rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other autoimmune diseases. I know several of you suffer from chronic pain and I thought maybe this book would help. It sounds very interesting and I plan to read it, myself.

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