communication is important

A Personal Story

Just a little story to tell about a massage experience I had that shows how important communication is during a massage…. 

I once had a massage where the therapist massaged an area and the technique hurt. I told her it hurt. And it wasn’t a type of pain that I thought was helpful. It felt like the area just shouldn’t be massaged, if that makes sense. I went to her again – same thing happened. It ruined the good work she was doing because I loved the rest of the massage. But I felt that she didn’t make a note of this area and that she wasn’t listening to my concerns. Will I go back? I’m really not sure. If I do, I am going to make it perfectly clear that I don’t want that area massaged. But it got me thinking about you, my client.

My Goal As A Massage Therapist

One of my main goals before, during, and after a massage is great communication. I want to establish a goal during the initial interview, when you come into the massage room and I shut the door and we talk, so that I know what you expect out of the massage. During the massage, I ask questions and encourage you to tell me what is helpful and what is not helpful. After the massage, I want to know how you are feeling and that I helped accomplish your goals for the session.

Of course, during a relaxation massage, the client often wants to NOT talk, so I have to balance that with the desire to communicate effectively. It is a fine line, I know. But I want you to speak up any time you want something different or if you like something I’m doing.

Communication Is Extremely Important

So I write this email to let you know that communication is probably the most important part of a massage. Because the techniques don’t matter if they aren’t something geared to try to meet the goals you have.

I’m here to listen. I hope to see you in the office soon.

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