Does Massage Hurt?

does massage hurt

Does massage hurt? This is such an interesting question. I will start off by saying that, yes, it sometimes does. But, should it hurt? Keep reading to find out.

Most of my practice is Swedish massage. Swedish massage is what my school, Kekino, taught. I chose to go to Kekino because I really loved the massages I got there. Swedish massage can be gentle or it can use a firmer touch. My school didn’t teach deep tissue. So when someone calls me for deep tissue, I tell them that they’d be happier going to someone else. I don’t want anyone to be disappointed with my massage.

Does Massage Hurt? Sometimes.

I have found that deep tissue can be very painful. And, I’m going to be honest here, some folks WANT a painful massage. They think it helps them more. Maybe it does. Who am I to say? Could be they like the rush of endorphins. But, I definitely do not want a painful massage. So I don’t seek out deep tissue. I don’t find that being sore for 3 days after a massage is beneficial to me. I mean, how can you even tell about your pain level if you leave a massage in more pain than you had coming in? How can you tell when the massage pain is gone whether it hurts less than it did before? I’m not sure.

Does Swedish Massage Hurt?

Anyway, Swedish techniques can be somewhat painful if you have an injury or if the pressure is too much for you. If you come here and the massage hurts, please let me know and I’ll ease up. I can sometimes tell if something hurts if there is what we call “muscle guarding”. This is where the muscle tenses up as protection. If you’re muscle guarding, I’ll usually know immediately and will back off. However, it is super helpful for you to tell me if something I’m doing continues to hurt. If you’re muscle guarding, the massage likely won’t be helpful.

Fascial Distortion Model

I use other techniques in something I’m certified for called Fascial Distortion Model. These techniques can be quite painful, I’ll admit. But, they are often extremely effective in resolving pain. I do not use these techniques without a client’s explicit permission, so, don’t worry. There will be no surprises.

I hope that helps answer your question about whether massage hurts. If you’d like to try a Swedish massage for relaxation or pain relief, please text/call 972.813.9083. Women only unless a potential male client is referred by an established client.