East Plano Massage

East Plano massage. Find some serenity.

I went searching the other day for east Plano massage for myself. I learned a few things. Keep reading to find out what I discovered.

Side Note

As a side note, as a massage therapist, it is often challenging to find a good massage place. First off, a lot of therapists want to talk shop. When I get a massage, I mostly just want to close my eyes and focus on the work or just relax. Another reason it is difficult is because it is hard to shut off my brain. Sometimes, I am surprised by a new technique and want to figure out what they are doing. Other times, I don’t like what they are doing and I can’t stop thinking about it. But, I digress.

Mostly Foot Spas

The vast majority of east Plano massage places are foot spas. Don’t get me wrong, there are some legit foot spas. But I think around here, there are problematic ones. For example, do they require that their massage therapists are licensed? If not, stay away. Another potential problem with these places is that they can be doing something other than massage, if you get what I mean. Sometimes, law enforcement shuts them down, but sometimes they fly under the radar without getting caught. I really don’t want to risk going to such a place.

Big Box Massage Places

Then there are the “big box” massage places. I’m not a fan of these because of the pressure to buy a membership. I’ve heard horror stories from clients about these memberships – things like having trouble getting a refund, or problems scheduling, or the revolving door of massage therapists that work there. Again, I’m sure exceptions exist, but I’m not interested in going to one of these.

Other Options

There are a couple spas in the area, too. It remains a possibility for me. Not my first choice, for sure.

Another possibility is going to a massage intern at a school. Speaking from experience, you never know what you will get. But at least it is inexpensive, lol.

What I Look For

My first choice is someone like me. Someone who is independent and does relaxing Swedish massage. Someone with excellent reviews. Surprisingly, I discovered through my google searching that this is difficult to find. So, I feel your pain if you, like me, want a skilled and dependable massage therapist. They are hard to come by.

If you like a wonderfully relaxing Swedish massage and are in the east Plano, central Plano, Richardson, Murphy, Wylie, Parker area, I hope you’ll schedule an appointment with me. Though the business name is Richardson Massage Therapy, I am the only massage therapist. If you book an appointment, you will get me as your massage therapist. Please note that I take male clients by referral only. Thanks for reading!