Why Forms for Massage?

Why do I have to fill out forms for massage?

Why do I have to fill out forms?

Some places do not require any intake forms. You go in, get your massage, and leave. The places that don’t require intake forms probably don’t have therapists taking notes on your session either. I do both and it is by design. (Also, I should add, TDLR regulates massage in Texas. TDLR requires the client fills out a consultation form. So when places don’t require a consultation form I wonder if their therapists are even licensed.)

I want to be sure I understand important aspects of your health history. For example, maybe you have surgical pins or wire. This is important for me to know because I wouldn’t want to use too much force in such an area. In other words, some conditions,  surgeries, medications, or symptoms may require that I work a little differently during your session.

Some things, however, are contraindications for massage. Meaning if you have it, you should not get a massage or your massage therapist should avoid that area.

No Massage?

Fever is a big contraindication. I’m not even talking about COVID specifically. If you have a fever, stay home. Massage could make your infection worse. Plus, you could infect your massage therapist.

In addition, active migraines are also a contraindication for massage. I mean true migraines, something that has been diagnosed by a doctor and not cluster or other headaches.

In addition, clients undergoing chemotherapy might be advised to not get a massage. Your doctor should be able to write a note for you to bring in to clear you for massage.

If you have certain skin conditions, such as a contagious condition, do not get a massage.  Or a skin condition may be local contraindications, which means I would just avoid that area during massage.

Bottom line: just be honest with your massage therapist about your conditions. It is better for your health and for theirs if you do.

I Have Openings!

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