Hair During Massage

What to do with your hair during massage

You may be wondering what to do with your hair during massage. I thought it might be helpful to explain from a therapist’s point of view. Other massage therapists may have different preferences, of course. This is just my opinion.

The Trickiest Hair Length During Massage

You might be surprised to know that the most problematic hair length during massage is NOT long hair. Long hair is easy to move off the neck so that I can work. In truth, the trickiest hair length during massage is this: hair that is long enough to cover the neck but not so long that you can move it and it will stay off the neck. While you’re face up, it isn’t really an issue because I can easily push hair out of the way. The problem happens when you are on your stomach because medium length hair usually doesn’t stay off the neck.

(By the way, short hair is no issue because the neck is exposed and I can easily work there.)

Medium Length Hair

So, what to do if you have medium length hair? Great question! Really, there isn’t a lot you, as a client, can do. It likely isn’t long enough to fit into a ponytail, so that’s out of the question. Some clients don’t seem to mind a little lotion in the hair at the hairline in the back. Some really want me to avoid that. I do the best I can. Because I’m working on the neck, lotion will transfer from the neck to the hair. Also, in the back, some neck muscles attach at the occiptal region of the skull, the part that sticks out in the back. Many clients have neck pain, so this is a great area for me to work on. Even though I wipe my hands off anytime I touch the scalp, I won’t be able to get it 100% off my hands.

One solution to help keep lotion off the hair is to drape a pillowcase on the back of your head and tuck it around your hair and head. This is a great solution but it can be hot for client so I don’t always do it. If, however, you have this medium length hair and don’t want lotion in your hair, this is your best option. So please tell me if you’d like for me to cover your hair.

Most of the time, I just hold the hair with one hand and work on the neck with the other hand. No problem at all.

Long Hair

Many of my clients with long hair wear it up in a ponytail or bun. And this is fine if you follow one simple rule. Keep it high enough on your head that you aren’t lying down on it when I remove the pillow and you are face up.

But, honestly, if you have long hair, just leave it down. It is no issue for me whatsoever. Also, you will get a better scalp massage if your hair is down.


As a client, I get that you don’t want lotion in your hair sometimes. Maybe you just washed it. Or maybe you’re going somewhere afterward. If you don’t want lotion in your hair at all, please let me know so that we can come up with a solution that works for you.

About Washing Hair Before Massage

Some folks shower and wash their hair before a massage. If you’re super sweaty or dirty, that’s totally fine. But washing your hair prior is really not necessary in most cases. Save the hair washing for after the massage if having lotion in it bothers you.

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