Hot During Massage

What to do if you are hot during massage?

What if you get hot during a massage? Keep reading to learn more about how to prevent getting too hot or what to do if you get too hot during a massage.

One Thing To Know About Me

First off, there is one thing you should know about me. I’m generally warm anyway. But during massage, I am working out a bit, so I’ll be a bit warmer than normal. Because of that, I like to keep my room on the cool side, (but not cold; don’t worry). I run a ceiling fan if my client doesn’t mind.

Most Important Is My Client’s Comfort

All that being said, my client’s comfort is paramount. I have a heater on the table to help. Once I get to know someone, I can often guess how hot/cool they want the table. And it may depend on the weather. For example, some clients are hot in the summer and cold in the winter. I can adjust for that.

In the summer, I usually just leave off the table warmer. It is easier to heat up a table than to cool it down. So if they are cold, I’ll just turn on the table warmer before they even get on the table.

What If You Get Hot During Massage?

What happens if, during a massage, you get really hot? This can happen due to hot flashes, for example. And it has happened during massage. It is nothing to be worried or concerned about. Generally, during a hot flash, I can remove the blanket and turn on the fan. You will still have a sheet covering you. This usually does the trick to get my client cooled down.

Communication is Key

Please just let me know if you are getting too warm. I want you to be comfortable and sweating through a massage can be uncomfortable.

Need a massage? New female clients, please text me at 972.813.9083 to schedule. Male clients must have a referral from an established client. My office is located in Plano, Texas. Here is my schedule. Thanks for reading!