How Often For Massage?

How often for massage?

How often for massage? Before I became a massage therapist, I would get a massage now and then. It wasn’t very regular. I loved it, though, and it helped me quite a bit.

The problem was that I couldn’t exactly predict when my back or neck was going to hurt or when I’d be super stressed out. Ha! I’d procrastinate and then call a place and cross my fingers, hoping that I’d get an appointment that same day.

That wasn’t a great plan. I was suffering more by the day and had a hard time getting an appointment that fit my schedule because I’d waited until the last minute.

What I find now is that I need to plan ahead some. With the physical massage work that I do, I know that a regular massage helps me function better in my daily life. And I have far less pain when I get regular massages.

Reasons To Get A Massage

People get Swedish massages for different reasons, though, such as:

  • Pain
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Injuries
  • Improving circulation

I have one client who wants the nurturing that massage gives. That might be my favorite reason of all.


For a lot of people, it boils down to cost. I get it. But I also get the cost of pain and feeling really stressed out, too.

So when people ask me how often to come in, I’d say for ongoing stress/anxiety, at least once a month. That is my experience, anyway. For muscle strains, you might want to try once a week until you feel better.

I have been able to ease the pain of a tight neck in just one visit, for example.

In Summary

So, the bottom line answer to the question of how often you should get a massage is… it depends. But I encourage you to plan ahead and schedule it regularly. Most of my clients come in every 4 weeks. If you do this, you have something to look forward to, something that you know will help you feel better.

I’d appreciate the chance to try to help you. I know many of you haven’t been into my office yet. I’d love to meet you. And thank you to those of you who come regularly or even once in a while. I appreciate you all!

To book, go to my booking site here.┬áIf you don’t see a time that works with your schedule, feel free to text me at 972.813.9083 and I’ll see what I can do to work with your schedule.

Thanks for reading!