Here’s a story maybe some of you can relate to about insomnia….


But before I get started, please note this is just my personal experience. I am not prescribing or diagnosing. Just telling you something that is really helping me in case it would be helpful for you. Please be sure to read the warnings first, as always.

Back to my story.

I was having a lot of trouble sleeping. For example, I could get to sleep, but I couldn’t stay asleep. I didn’t even think I was dreaming, or at least I wasn’t remembering any of my dreams. I guess I had somehow accepted that this was just how it was going to be.

At yoga one day, someone after class was telling me about her acupressure mat and how it was helping her feel better. It is called a Shakti Mat (this is not an affiliate link so I, in no way, benefit from sending this link).

What Is A Shakti Mat?

A Shakti Mat is a thin foam mat with spikes on it. Yeah, seriously. That’s what I thought, too. I probably even had to control my eye-rolling impulse when she told me about it. All you have to do is lie down on it.

A few months went by and I started getting targeted Facebook ads for the mat. Because, you know, our phones are always listening to us.

In reading the reviews, I noticed a BUNCH of people stated how they fell asleep on the mat every single day. I thought, “There is no freaking way anybody is falling asleep on this bed of nails.” Still intrigued, though, of course, I did some research and noticed they have a free returns policy. Worth a try, right? So I asked for it for Mother’s Day and my husband bought the Shakti Mat Original mat for me. (There is one that is more intense and one that is less intense than the Original.)

The First Night

The first night I tried it on my back with bare skin. Ouch! Too intense. So I put on a t-shirt. It was still a little intense, but I was determined to stay for the advised 20-minute minimum. It was a bit uncomfortable but not unbearable. Mostly, it itched and/or burned. I was sure it was breaking the skin but it never did.

So each night, before sleeping, I would lie on it a little longer and a little longer.

Then, it happened.

I Couldn’t Believe It Helped My Insomnia

On the third night, I actually fell asleep on it. This pattern happened every night:  I’d fall asleep on it for about an hour, get up, put it away, and fall right back asleep. And I noticed something. I was getting much deeper sleep and was dreaming. The difference was remarkable. I woke up feeling more rested than I had in years.

Two nights ago, I fell asleep on it for 3 hours and then woke up and put it away.

One of my kids said, “Mom, it’s all in your head. There is no such thing as acupressure.” And maybe she is right. I don’t know. I was definitely not expecting it to help as much as it has been. Still, I don’t really care if it is a placebo effect if it is working and does not have any side effects like sleeping meds do.

I hope you don’t think I’m crazy. I’m really not into all that woo woo stuff, I swear. But there is something to this. At least for me…. Intrigued?

If you have a Shakti Mat to help with insomnia or you end up getting one, let me know how it’s going. I’d love to hear!

And massage can also help with insomnia because it helps you learn to relax. Want to come in for a relaxing Swedish massage? If you live in the Dallas area, please call/text 972.813.9083 to schedule. I see mostly women clients and males by referral from existing clients. Here is a link to the schedule so you can see typical work hours.