Is The Massage Room Clean?

Is the massage room clean?

Undoubtedly, here is a big topic for you to think about next time you try a new massage place. Is the massage room clean? I have heard stories. , this post will help you decide.

My Cleaning Protocol

You may be wondering what I do to clean my office. Here is a list of what I do after every client:

  • First, I strip sheets, barrier pillow case, pillowcase, blanket and put them in the hamper.
  • Next, I spray sanitizing product on the plastic barrier that is right under the fitted sheet.
  • Then I wait at least 10 minutes for product to work.
  • Wash my hands.
  • Wipe off excess if sanitizer isn’t dry.
  • Put fresh sheets, barrier pillow case, pillowcase, blanket on table.
  • Wipe off my bin, wooden table, phone, speaker, computer, mouse, cabinet pulls, door handles, light switches with sanitizing wipe and allow to set > 10 minutes.
  • Of course, I also vacuum and clean other surfaces regularly.

What Other Massage Therapists Do

Honestly, I’m not sure what other massage therapists do but I’ve heard stories. Some stack the fitted sheets on the table so that they just remove the used one and then there is a “clean” one under it. I say that is pretty disgusting. If you go to someone who does this, you might want to re-think it. There is no way to sanitize such a table in this setup. Also, sheets have tiny holes and are, obviously not waterproof.

In case you’re wondering, some massage therapists don’t wash their blankets after every session. I do!

Surprisingly, some massage therapists have a table warmer right under the sheet. Those are an incredible pain to wash. You have to spin it very briefly and you can’t dry them completely in the dryer. In other words, I seriously doubt that the people who do this wash them after every session.

Is The Massage Room Clean?

If you come to my office, please know that I take cleanliness very seriously. Have any questions? I’m happy to answer.

Need a massage in a clean space and you live close to Plano, Texas? Female clients, please text/call 972.813.9083 and I’ll get you set up. I accept male clients only by referral from established clients. Thanks for reading!