Loud During Massage

loud during massage

Ever had it loud during a massage? Noise is the main reason I left my old space. Keep reading to find out one massage therapist’s philosophy on noise during massage.

What I Looked For In New Office

I find conversations to be the most distracting type of noise. I cannot just tune it out.

When I decided to move offices, there were several considerations. But the main consideration was noise. I briefly looked into renting a salon suite. I quickly discovered there was no way to control the noise in such a space. There would always be foot traffic and people talking in the halls. There would always be loud hair dryers and loud conversations over the loud hair dryers. So I didn’t choose a salon suite.

Another space I looked at was a large building with offices for rent. I came upon the same issue as salon suites. There is just no way to control what happens right outside the office. I knew someone who rented one of these and had guys throwing a football regularly outside her office. The office staff wouldn’t do anything about it. She quickly moved out and found another space.

A third possibility is a gym. I’ve heard horror stories about practicing massage in a gym and didn’t even consider it.

My Current Space

The space I’m in now and hope to be in for a while is perfect. If you’re in this building, you’re supposed to be here. You have an appointment with someone who works here. The building is normally very quiet. If there is noise in the hallway and it bothers you or me, I can assure you that I will talk to my neighbors.

Loud During Massage?

Often, the therapist can’t do a thing about the noise level during a massage. That’s why the space is incredibly important. If you’re looking for a quieter massage space and you are female and live around Plano, TX, I hope you’ll try out my massage. Please text/call 972.813.9083 to schedule. Established clients can also book here. I accept male clients only by referral from established clients. Thanks for reading!