I Love My Massage Work

I love my massage work. Truly love it. Read to find out what happened at work recently.

Why do I love my massage work?

I was working on one of my lovely regular clients yesterday when I looked down at my little cup of lotion. Look what I saw!

I just love my massage work!

I had inadvertently made a heart in the lotion. I smiled to myself and kept working. 

It got me thinking, though….

I work really hard with each and every client, listening to their needs and using my skills to help them. I truly care about my clients. So, the heart seemed appropriate.

This is my third and, by far, my favorite career because I get to help people every day. When folks have less pain and feel more relaxed, they have better lives. They may be more present with their kids or get better sleep or are able to enjoy leisurely activities with less pain. The benefits of massage vary from person to person but the results are meaningful to them.

And I wanted you to know that the work I do is very meaningful to me. Thank you for trusting me with your care. New clients in the Richardson/Plano/Dallas, Texas area, please text me at 972.813.9083 to book an appointment. You can take a look at my schedule here.