Male Clients

policy about male clients

If you want to know why I only take male clients by referral, this story will help.

A Little Story

One day, I was in my office and in between clients. I got a text from someone requesting a massage. (As a side note, I can tell with 100% accuracy whether a man sent the text.) So I stated that my policy was that I accept male clients only by referral from established clients.

He kept sending me texts telling me he was new in town and that once I met him, I’d know I can trust him. I mean, I clearly stated the policy and he kept on about it. That is a big red flag for me, not that I was considering making an exception for him.

Finally, I reiterated my policy and he went away.

Or so I thought.

Turns out he had been camped out in the back parking lot the entire time and he was still there. If you’ve been here, you know that it is a very small and private parking lot. The only reason to park there is if you’re doing business with someone in my building.

He stayed back there in his car for another 15 minutes or so. He did not exit his car or continue to bother me. My next client stated he was on his phone. I presume he was looking for someone else to give him a last minute massage.

This guy may have been totally harmless. Odds are that he probably was. But I don’t even care. Bottom line is that I am not interested in working on men I don’t know unless someone I know can vouch for them.

The Downside of Few Male Clients

What I don’t like about my policy is that I am excluded half the population right off the bat. I realize that isn’t optimal. And, also, I actually really enjoy working with my male clients! Truly! However, the risk is just not worth it to me. If people want to get mad at me about it, that’s their right and their business. I wish I knew of a better way to get the message out, but I’ve tried to make it clear and they read my reviews and want to come in anyway. What can I do?

Want To Refer A Male Client?

If you’re female and would like a massage, please text me at 972.813.9083. If you are an established client and would like to refer your friend/boyfriend/husband/brother, please do! I’d love that. Established clients, you can text or feel free to book via this link. Thanks for reading!