Massage Lotion

Want to know what goes into my choice of massage lotion? Keep reading and I’ll explain.

Massage lotion for massage

Types of Massage Lotion

There are a few different options for massage. Lotion, oil, cream, and gel are the main options. I buy mine in large containers so it will last a few months. Clients seem surprised at how big the container is but it is the most economical way to go.

Pros and Cons

There are, of course, pros and cons to each type of massage lotion. Glide is one consideration. In other words, it needs to be easy to move my hands on the skin. A nice glide can facilitate that. Texture is also important. A lot of clients don’t like something that is too greasy, for example. I also do not like fragrance in massage products. Many of my clients also do not like fragrance.

I don’t much care for oil. I find it messy and greasy on the skin. It is easy to spill, too. And some can make the sheets smell, even though I am really good about promptly washing sheets in hot water. Many folks use fractionated coconut oil. In general, I don’t love it, but I do use that, however, for prenatal massage. I believe it is the cleanest thing to use, as long as the pregnant person has no allergies.

I really like Biotone Dual Purpose Massage Creme and had been using it for years. It has a nice glide and isn’t too greasy. And it contains arnica, which is supposed to help with pain.

What I’ve Been Using Lately

However, lately, I switched to Sacred Earth Vegan Massage Cream because the ingredients are cleaner, from what I can tell, than the Biotone. My clients seem to like it so far. I also like the way it feels on the skin. Like Biotone, it has a nice glide and is not too greasy.

One downside of creams is that you can’t pump them. That is a real pain because I have to guess how much to portion out into my little cups. The consistency is just like shortening that you use for baking (yes, really!), so I have to scoop it out. I don’t like to waste product and I get frustrated when I don’t have enough because I can’t easily get more into the cup in the middle of a massage. In this case, I just grab another pre-filled cup or switch to something I can pump.

Allergies to Massage Lotion

One other huge consideration with massage products has to do with client’s allergies. Some clients have nut allergies, for example. So I at least need to have a couple of choices if one of them has a nut oil in them.

Lotions are nice but they don’t seem to last as long on the skin. And they can be cool. You can warm some of them in a warmer, but this can cause separation of the product, rendering it unusable.

I experimented some with a gel. I liked the glide of it but it made my sheets smell funny, so I intend to use it up and not buy it again, lol.

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