A Good Massage Room

What makes a good massage room? I have some ideas. Maybe you’ve never thought of it. As the owner of Richardson Massage Therapy, I’ve given it a lot of thought.

Top Requirements for Massage Room

Above all, a good massage room must be a safe space. The client must feel safe parking and entering the building. They must feel safe in the room and not worry about someone walking in.

In addition, a good massage room has adequate space. As a massage therapist, I need to have room to be able to move around the table easily. For example, if the room is too small, your therapist won’t be as effective because they won’t be able to move as they need to.

Noise Level

The second most important aspect for me is the noise level. In fact, this is the reason I moved out of my previous space. I could hear neighbors talking and this was just unacceptable to me. I looked extensively into solutions but didn’t want to spend money on a space I didn’t own. And there was no guarantee it would work anyway.

My Office

The office I’ve been renting since last summer is perfect. I cannot hear voices from other offices. It is carpeted, which helps with noise. And it is almost double the space of my previous office. The parking is very close to the building. The building is clean. The waiting room and restroom out front are also important to me. I hope to stay here a long time.

Surprisingly, I’m not sure I would want to go to a massage therapist in a retail space, like salon suites. I envision loud neighbors and loud conversations in the hallway with no way to control it. I prefer a quiet, peaceful massage and am not sure I can get one in a loud space. Salon suites didn’t seem right for me when I was looking for a space.

Another type of space is a home space. Many people choose to work out of their homes. I don’t love that idea for a number of reasons. First, I don’t want a bunch of folks I don’t know in my home. Second, we have a sweet cat and I know a lot of folks are allergic to cats, so that wouldn’t work. Another reason is that my HOA probably wouldn’t like it. Finally, there are no signs in a home office, which could lead to confusion for the client.

In summary, a lot goes into choosing a massage room. As a client, some considerations may be important and some may not. You get to decide. What is most important to you?

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