Music And Massage

music and massage

Keep reading to find out how music and massage go hand in hand.

Maybe they thought nobody would notice. I mean, the last note was exactly the same as the first note and they blended seamlessly together so that it all sounded like one continuous song. The piano was soft and melodic. Relaxing, even. I heard this song at a new massage place I went to yesterday. A captive audience, I listened to this song play over and over and over again. An endless loop. For an entire 90 minutes.

The massage was quite nice as I had arrived with some soreness and stiffness. However, the music definitely detracted from my experience.

Would You Have Minded This Music Issue During Your Massage?

Looking back, it was kind of funny and seemingly easy to resolve. So, why didn’t they resolve it? I asked and they said something about the sound system being broken, etc. The end result is that it isn’t my business and I wasn’t going to get a satisfactory answer anyway. But, will I go back? I’m not really sure. It was super annoying.

Finally, this brings me to your massage. I have created a playlist on Amazon Prime for massage. If you don’t like my music, please let me know! But, honestly, I am open to you connecting to my bluetooth speaker and playing whatever you want. The only stipulation is that I can’t play it loudly. It’s your session and I want you to get the most out of it that you can. I think music enhances the massage experience and is important but I am open to talking about it.

Is it time for you to come in for a massage? I’d love to see you. I am taking a little time off the week after Easter but have a busy schedule here otherwise, so best to go ahead and book. Hope to see you soon.

Existing clients, you can book from this link or text me at 972.813.9083 and I can schedule that for you.

New clients, just text/call me at 972.813.9083 and I’ll get you set up.