My Massage Table

my massage table

My First Massage Table

My first massage table was portable. The height of the table was adjustable, in that I could move pegs on each of the 4 legs to the height I anticipate I’ll need. Once someone was on the table, it was stuck there for the duration of the massage. Also, the thing is portable so I could, theoretically transport it fairly easily. It’s all relative, though. I don’t find portable tables very portable at all. They are heavy and large, even when folded up. I find it somewhat cumbersome to carry since i’m not that tall and have to bend my arms to keep from dragging it on the ground.

My Current Massage Table

During COVID-19, I bought a new table off Facebook marketplace. This table is what is called an electric lift table. It has a motor and scissored legs, which allow me to press a foot pedal to raise and lower the table.

You may be asking why I’m even telling you this. I mean, why does it even matter to the massage client? The main reason is that I can vary my pressure more easily by lowering the table.

Another reason, especially if I have never met you before, is that you might be extremely short. If my table is too high for you, that could be problematic getting on and off the table.

I love my electric lift table for those reasons but also because of my comfort. Let’s say I’ve had a very long day of massage and my back is tired. Changing the height of the table could make it more comfortable for me to work with the pressure required for the client.

Another reason I love it is because I can change the height of it during the massage so that I can work in a position that will keep my spine in better alignment. This will help me work longer in the day and longer in my career.

Knowing all this might mean you think twice about the massage table your therapist uses. Hope that helps!

My office is in downtown Plano, Texas. To book a massage as a new client, please text/call 972.813.9083. Current clients, please book via my website here. Please note I accept male clients only by referral from established clients. Thank you for understanding.