My Superpower

What is my superpower?

I am on a couple of Facebook groups for massage therapists. Therapists post interesting things sometimes. One made me thankful for my superpower. Keep reading to find out.

I Had No Idea

One big surprise on one of the big Facebook groups for massage therapists was when someone asked what they think about while giving a massage. The woman who posted was a massage therapist and was going through a hard time. She wanted advice on how to get through massages without being upset. We are human, after all. It is very hard to do massages when you have hard stuff of your own to deal with. It is often quiet and one’s mind can wander. I get it. Plus, it is a unique profession. I believe it is important to show up authentically. Pretty hard to “fake it til you make it”.

What surprised me was when a couple of people told her to put in one ear of a set of air pods and listen to podcasts or audiobooks while giving a massage. I could absolutely not believe this advice. What would you think if your massage therapist were listening to something else while being paid to work on you? I would not like it at all, to be honest. I’d think they weren’t paying very close attention to me.

This got me thinking how thankful I am for my superpower.

My Superpower

So what is my superpower? Here goes. I have pretty much always had this crazy ability to completely focus on what I’m doing for long periods of time. For example, I can crochet for hours straight on end. I can focus on playing music for hours, too. Also, I can focus completely on massage while I’m in the middle of one. Clients, you deserve that!

I wonder if my yoga helps me focus so well. Probably. When my mind starts to wander, I can bring it back. I like thinking about every massage stroke. I want to consider how I am helping each client. Maybe they need more of one thing and less of another and I can tell this by paying attention.

What’s Your Superpower?

Another example of a superpower has to do with my husband. He has this AMAZING memory. He can remember how he played every single hole of golf in the last 4-5 rounds of golf. It floors me. And, yeah, I rely on his memory sometimes. Who wouldn’t?

As for memory and massage, I am thankful that I take notes after every session so that I can recall what I did next time a client comes in.

So, what’s your superpower? I’d love to hear about it! Tell me next time you’re in for a massage.

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