Physical Therapy

physical therapy may help

Physical therapy is awesome when you are injured or recovering from surgery. But sometimes you just need a little help for your pain. When I am hurting and need a little help, like the rest of you, I do some google searching.


It is out of scope for me to diagnose or prescribe, so I’m definitely NOT doing that here. However, I wanted to tell you about where I go when I, personally, need some stretches for a particular ache or pain.

My Go To For DIY Physical Therapy

Believe me when I say my work causes my neck to hurt sometimes. I get into bad postural habits like everyone else. But when I realize you’ve fallen into bad habits, it takes a while for the pain to go away. A few years ago, I found these goofy physical therapists on YouTube and they are my #1 place to go when I’m hurting.

Bob and Brad are physical therapists and they have a YouTube channel. Yes, they are a little goofy at times, but there is a wealth of information in their videos. There are videos showing exercises and stretches that anyone can do at home. Of course, it isn’t a substitute for medical advice, but maybe it could tide you over until you can see a doctor.

Click here to see the Bob & Brad YouTube channel.

Many clients come to get a massage for pain. If you’d like to see if relaxing Swedish massage can help, text/call me at 972.813.9083. Female clients only except I do take male clients by referral. Here is my schedule page. I work Wednesday through Sunday (yes, Sunday!). Hope to see you soon. Oh, and I am in the Dallas, Texas area.