Plano Massage

Plano massage

Are you looking for Plano massage? My office is in downtown Plano. My specialty is working with women with anxiety and/or depression. But I work with women with lots of different issues.

My Clients

Generally, almost all my clients are women. This is by choice. I take male clients only by referral from established clients. Now that I got that out of the way….

Most of my clients enjoy the relaxation of a good Swedish massage. They may have lots of stress at home or in the workplace and they want time away to focus on relaxation.

Additionally, others have some pain. Swedish massage can really help with pain. A lot of folks think deep tissue is required to help alleviate pain but that just is not true. Swedish massage, with its soothing strokes, can tell the body to relax, tell the muscles to let go. This can be very helpful.

Plano Massage Options

Plano massage options are mostly either Asian spas or larger spa chains. If you’re looking for more consistency in your massage, perhaps finding a solo practice place might suit your needs better.

In fact, at Richardson Massage Therapy, there is just one massage therapist, me. I have been in practice for about 5 years. I have a large, quiet office just north of 18th Street and K Ave. in downtown Plano. My hours are Wednesday through Sunday (yes, Sunday!). The hours vary each day to accommodate clients’ schedules as best as I can.

In case you would like to chat first to determine if I am the right massage therapist for you. Please feel free to call my business number at 972.813.9083. I’m happy to answer any questions you have!

In summary, first time clients, please text or call 972.813.9083 to schedule your appointment. (To repeat, male clients, please know that you will need a referral from an established client and that I will contact that person to verify. Thank you for understanding.) If you’re already a client, you can text to book or book here.