Would Love Your Referrals

Referrals are so great

Referrals are a huge compliment to me. Do you have any friends who love massage? I’ve met Moms, daughters, and friends of clients. It is such a privilege, honestly. Sometimes, a family member comes to town for a visit and my client schedules them an appointment.

If you’d like to refer a new male client, I can usually accommodate that. As you probably know, I only take male clients by referral. It isn’t that I don’t enjoy working with men. I do! It is more of a safety issue with strangers. So, by all means, please refer your husbands, brothers, and friends you can vouch for.

A Caveat

The only caveat when referring is to please just text me to schedule it instead of booking under your name. I am unable to see a client under another client’s name for a couple reasons. First, each client has separate records in my system. I write notes for every session and if a different client comes for the session, the notes won’t line up with the correct person. The second reason each client needs to have separate records is because of the forms. I need to know each client’s health history and each client needs to sign their own waiver.

However, if you didn’t know to do this, no worries. I can fix it. Please just let me know far enough ahead of time so that I can create the new client record and so that they have time to fill out the online paperwork.

Easy Referrals

One easy way to send a referral is by purchasing a gift certificate from my website. That way, the new client can schedule and, if you were planning to pay, you can pay beforehand.

Need a massage? New female clients, please text me at 972.813.9083 to schedule. Established clients, please book here (or you can also text).