Struggling With Self Care?

Many of my clients suffer from depression and other issues. These issues make self care necessary and important. The problem is that self-care often requires energy that folks don’t have.

In my own life, trying to help a loved one, I came across a pretty great book. I wanted to tell you a little about it in case it will help someone here.

Struggling with self care?

Here is the Amazon link to it.

It is very easy to read. Also, there is even a shortcut through it so you can get all the main concepts. A shortcut is especially helpful for folks who have ADHD.  Anyway, I read it cover to cover on a flight the other day.

The book has practical ideas about how to more easily take care of your space Рlaundry, cleaning, where to put your stuff, etc. Also, it has hacks to make your life simpler. The author has tons of grace and understanding about what it is like to be overwhelmed because she has been there.

I hope that I can show my loved one how to implement the author’s ideas in a way that makes sense for the situation. And I hope the book might be useful if you’re also struggling.

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