Snoring During Massage

If you’re embarrassed about snoring during massage, keep reading….

Sawing logs - snoring during massage

If you’ve never had a 90-minute relaxing Swedish massage, you might want to try it. The extra 30 minutes means a much deeper relaxation. Sometimes you can stay in an in-between sort of state, somewhere between awake and asleep, which is very nice. And sometimes, you will just flat out fall asleep.

Honestly, almost every single person has falls asleep during my 90-minute massage.

I can’t always tell if a client is asleep but there are some tell-tale signs. Sometimes clients seem embarrassed that they have fallen asleep or they apologize after they wake up.

I want you to know that I take it as a compliment when a client falls asleep. If they are asleep, I figure they are really relaxed and that they trust me. And they probably needed some rest.

Don’t Be Embarrassed About Snoring During Massage

Please do not feel embarrassed about snoring during massage. No need to apologize. And I don’t bat an eyelash about snoring, either. No big deal. Don’t even worry about it. (And I won’t tell you if you snored or not. LOL)

One of my clients asked me to help her stay awake, so I checked on her now and then throughout the session.

Also, as a side note, I am happy to talk or not talk with you during a massage. Totally up to you. No offense taken if you’d rather have a quiet session. You get the same massage regardless (except that a trigger point release requires communication, so I wouldn’t do that technique on a sleeping client).

I hope this addresses one of your questions. I’m happy to answer your questions in a future newsletter – things you always wanted to know about massage, etiquette, etc. Feel free to email me back at with your burning questions.

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