Talking During Massage

talking during massage

Should You Talk?

Those clients who haven’t had massages very often (or at all) wonder if talking during massage is OK. It is an interesting question. Is there a good rule of thumb?

Some folks come in and tell me up front they want a silent session. In this case, I try to front-load the questions I have for them regarding massage so that I can allow maximum silence. For example, I may need to check in with them about pressure. So, I try to do this as early as possible.

Some folks are new and maybe want to get to know me a bit, so they ask questions and we have a conversation during the massage. Others are regular clients and their pattern is talking throughout the massage. Others just want to talk a little in the beginning and then have a silent session after that.

In all of these cases, I try to let them lead. I never want to take away from someone’s massage by talking too much. So if they initiate a discussion, I will participate. Some massage therapists try to shut down such talk, but my philosophy is that talking helps some folks relax, so I think it’s totally fine.

Want a silent session?  I promise you will not hurt my feelings if you ask for that. But if you don’t want to ask, I will definitely take the hint if you don’t initiate conversation.

Want to talk? I will rely on you to start the conversation. That way, I know I’m not disturbing your peace.

I love getting to know my clients but I also know what it is like to be held captive on a table when the massage therapist won’t quit talking. I don’t want to be that person. 

Bottom line is that it is your session. You can decide whether and how much you want to talk during the session. And you won’t hurt my feelings if you would rather not talk. Hope that helps!

Need a Massage?

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