Ticklish During Massage?

I have some helpful advice for those of you who are sometimes (or always) ticklish during massage. I found out about this technique in massage school in Jeannie’s class. Jeannie was my teacher for several subjects. She was TOUGH but I loved her. She was full of stories and wisdom and I miss seeing her everyday.

Typical Ticklish Spots

Anyway, during massage, I will accidentally find a ticklish spot. Often it is simply an area of tension that I can work out with massage. Sometimes it is on the right side of the mid-back or on the left foot. For others, gluteals can be ticklish. I have found it isn’t ever on the mid-line of the body; in other words, it is either right or left of center. (Could be your left mid-back and then your right hip, however.)  When I hit such a spot, the client will jump a bit. Not too relaxing to be tickled. So I want to avoid that. Jeannie prepared us well with this advice:

Here’s What To Do

If something tickles, put your opposite hand on your belly.

That’s it. So simple.

Most clients tell me it works. Why it works, I do not know. But I encourage you to preemptively do this if you know ahead of time something will probably tickle. Go ahead and put your opposite hand on your belly prior to my getting to that spot. If the tickle surprises you, go ahead and let me know. I’ll stop what I’m doing and I’ll remind you to try this and then resume the massage technique.

I hope this helps you during your next massage! If you live in the Dallas, Texas area and would like to schedule a massage, please take a look at my schedule here and then text/call me at 972.813.9083 so I can book it for you. My practice is mostly female clients. Male clients by referral from existing clients only.