Women Only Massage

People ask why I mostly practice women only massage at my practice in Plano, Texas. Keep reading to find out why.

women only massage

Women Only Massage

I have built almost my entire practice with women. Of course, I am a female massage therapist, myself. My choice to work almost exclusively with women is a very conscious choice. As you can imagine, safety is a primary concern. I don’t have the energy to be anxious about men I don’t know.

Of course, my marketing is all geared toward women. It is all over my website and all over my marketing. To be sure, men still find me on the internet and I get several calls a week from men. I don’t blame them. I am always very polite and thank them for their inquiry.

Though I really like working with men, the safety issue outweighs that for me. However, you may be surprised to learn I do actually have some male clients. And here are the exceptions to my rule.

The Exceptions

In short, they must be referred by a current client or I must know them personally. To clarify, if I don’t know them personally, they could be a spouse of a client, a bother, or a friend. I just want someone I know to vouch for them. This has served me well. (I did have one guy ask how he can get to know me. Ugh. Seriously? You can’t.)

So, that’s really it on the rules. I made an exception once recently and wish I hadn’t. But that’s another story for another day.

In summary, if you’re a current client and have a male friend who would like to come in, just send me a text at 972.813.9083 and let’s talk about it.

Need a massage? Current clients can schedule here. If you’re a new client, best way to reach me is via text at 972.813.9083. That way, I can respond in between clients. Thanks for reading!