Cold Feet

Cold Feet and Massage

Today, I wanted to talk about a common problem. Cold feet.

Are you someone whose feet are always cold? Do you sleep with socks on? Does it feel like your feet will never get warm?

Lots of my clients have cold feet, even in summer. Warming up my massage table helps them some. Also, ensuring the feet are always under a sheet and a blanket as much as possible helps. But, did you know that massage can help improve circulation? That helps feet warm up, too. You can do some self massage on your feet to help improve circulation.

In a massage session, clients with freezing tootsies might love a good foot massage but don’t want their feet to be cold the whole time. That can be distracting and not relaxing.

The Solution to Cold Feet During Massage

So I have a solution for you.

It is perfectly OK to wear socks during massage, and you don’t have to sacrifice your foot massage. Really! I am happy to take your sock off while working on a foot and then put it back on. Footies are easier because I can work on your lower leg without keeping the sock off. 

In summary, feel free to wear socks for your massage! Just let me know if you want to skip the foot massage or not. If you do wear socks, I will ask you if you want a foot massage. It is totally OK to skip that if you don’t enjoy it. It is your session, so please feel free to ask me to skip whatever you don’t need or enjoy.

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